About Us

With years of experience behind us, we can do what the others cannot – fix all brands and makes of smartphones and tablets.

Whether it is a software malfunction, broken charging port, a cracked screen or your phone will no longer hold a charge, we can fix it.

And usually, we can do it a lot faster than you think we can.

Where other repair labs send away to a repair centre, our crew get to work on the premises.

This has the immediate advantage of making your repair a lot faster to get done and crucially, also, much cheaper.

Because we are not paying a middle man, we can keep the cost of your repair down.

And also, our out of town location keeps our overheads down and this is another saving we pass on to you.

Without the expense of maintaining a trendy premises on the high street, we can invest in our staff.

We only employ expert technicians, who have over five years experience of phone repairing. They also all have accreditation and qualifications in the relevant fields.

Instead of having a high street shop, which people come into, we go into your premises.

Our staff can collect your broken device or technology from your home or business. We can also deliver it back to you, when we are done.

This makes your life easier and doesn’t cost you a penny!

In some cases, we can even repair your device for you in the workplace.

If it is possible to do it quickly, we will mend your broken phone upon receipt of it.

Where a repair requires more time or concentration, we will take it back to our workshop and then redeliver it within twenty four hours.

And unlike some repair centres, we don’t just limit ourselves to one or two makes of phone, we can roll our sleeves up and fix just about anything!

Try us today and see why we are rated number one by our customers!